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16 Nov 2016
The technology of today allows just about anybody to make a racing picture that is great. Yet a boatload of content is created which has no or little value to the observer. What I am talking about is the onboard or in-car motorcycle movies, not the mega-studio generation ones. How do you make a motor sports movie that captures the imagination of the spectator, yet shows all the activity that is vital on track?

Everybody knows that racers that are genuine create the most realistic pictures. However, the production quality is typically less than perfect with the current high definition cameras. The first step is rather easy in concept but catchy in practice, that's, mounting the camera right. Without a great camera mount that isolates the camera from the extreme vibrations of a racing vehicle and points it in the correct direction, it's not possible to record the video you need. At the beginning you should spend the money for a camera that is good place and mount it in the interior, on your helmet, or the bodywork in such a way it captures the most enjoyable racing activity.

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The next measure is the motorcycle racing films content. This contains not only the video part, but the audio and auto info at the same time. Assuming it's getting racing scenes that are excellent and you have the camera pointed in the correct way, what should it sound like? Most people go with the good old motor sound with screeching tires approach. If your vehicle has a pleasant sound like a wailing or V8 motorcycle this is wonderful. There are other options for audio also. You could do a voiceover, for instance, if you had been creating a teaching video or wanted to remember all the in-depth information of a special race. Or you could make a music video out of it by dubbing a tune over with the proper intensity level.

Do you have a data analysis system that is racing? Most of these systems allow you to add a data overlay to your own racing picture, showing RPM, G-forces, equipment selection, braking, and other performance metrics. Nevertheless, you should be traditional with these sorts of video overlays because they can distract the audience from the chief racing actions unless you're producing a technical race driving video. Less is more if you desire the best entertainment experience.

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Eventually, if your racing picture is for advertising goals you may want to add a title, introduction, and decision featuring your business with contact information, logo, site, etc. Video is a superb way to advertise your service or product. Because it is entertaining the key is to produce an engaging, exciting racing picture that has the opportunity to go viral, or at least gets forwarded about. Our Facebook Page.


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